5 Shopify Hacks You Can Use With Popups

Every Shopify store owner is probably familiar with the fact that advertising is becoming more expensive every day. It is in part because of how many stores are being created every single day, so getting noticed is more difficult and hence more expensive. Conversion is one thing that is the focus for e-commerce store optimization, that has the potential to work on your email lists, increase sales overall, and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. To increase your conversion, one thing that has proven highly effective is the use of popups, so here are the 5 different types of popups, and easy Shopify hacks to boost sales and supercharge your growth marketing strategy.

1. Turn first-time visitors into future clients

Getting people that visit your store to subscribe to your email lists is not an easy process. And as your email list is at the epicenter of your marketing campaigns and potential sales, it is probably one of your top 3 priorities. Using list-building popups can already be familiar to you, but if not, you should know that it’s one of the best and most effective ways to catch emails from potential customers at the right moment. Being strategic with your email lists is going to prove very effective in the long run. You can optimize them and set them up ahead of time, and use the right content and offers to reach those who subscribed without making a purchase and those who subscribed after the check-out, for example. With marketing tools such as Personizely, there are some shortcuts you can use, that will cover nearly everything you need, help you increase subscribers, and grow your business. You have the great option to connect your email services such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, and many others, which will let you work with your lists more effectively. It will also give you control over the fields that are displayed on your popup, and you can also add a graph for their phone number. Sometimes people prefer to be reached by SMS message, so it’s always a great Shopify tip you'll want to keep in mind.

shopify popup

Conversion Shopify hack:

Triggers and the way you use them can make a huge difference in how many people are on your lists. Usually, it is more effective to avoid displaying a list-building popup the second people to your landing page. They are not yet familiar with what you are selling, and might even get thrown off by it. The best thing is to let them get familiar with your product and launch your popup 10 seconds after they get to your product page, for example. Positioning it in a corner and not making it take up the entire screen will get a much better response, and will encourage customers without being pushy. If they are browsing, it means they are interested, so they are more likely to subscribe, and if they don’t physically have to close it to continue exploring a page will also work for your benefit. If you want to prevent them from leaving your website, exit intent is your most reliable trigger, but make sure your offer will be very difficult to pass.

2. Catch them before they abandon their cart

When it comes to types of customers, we know that there is much more revenue and profit from loyal customers. People come back to the same store to make a second purchase 50% of the time, but getting that first purchase can be the most difficult threshold to pass for most ecommerce stores. Going back to statistics, we also know that the average cart abandonment rate ranges between 59% and 79% since 2022, which can be discouraging for any store. The best thing to do strategy-wise is to implement strategies that would prevent the shopper to leave the online store without making getting to the checkout. Most of the time, a little reminder or a gentle push is all they need, so using the exit-intent trigger combined with a great offer might be enough to convince them to stay and proceed to the checkout page. It would be best to offer a coupon code for that first-time purchase or a sample of your best-selling product. Whatever you decide to offer, it’s your last chance to keep them shopping and buying, so make it interesting for them.

shopify exit intent cart abandoment

Abandoned cart Shopify hack

It can be a difficult battle with the abandoned cart, but there is a small trick you can try to prevent abandonment in the first place. Sometimes the smallest changes make the difference, so using different elements can be very effective, even if it might take you a bit of time to determine which ones work best for you and your particular store and product. For example, you can use a count-down timer for your offers, that can either run down the time your offer is going to be available, or the time that the actual coupon will be active for the purchase. Even those the two seem to be very similar, they act on different motivators. If you have a timer for the availability of the offer itself, your visitor will have to take action within those couple of minutes, so proceed to checkout almost immediately. If on the other hand, you have a coupon that is going to be active for the next hour or so, you give them more time to take a look around your store for something else to buy. Of course, you can play around with the timing itself and see what sticks, but making time work for you is a safe bet, and always proves to be rewarding.

3. Use upsell and cross-sell to maximize results

Besides sales and conversion, what many online business and Shopify store owners often think about AOV. The average order value is something that can help your revenue without counting on a higher number of actual customers. And it is sometimes difficult to boost it, especially for first-time buyers that are not yet accustomed to your product and are just trying it out. A great way to help them choose more products from your store is activating the upsell and cross-sell strategies that will make very subtle and, most importantly, very relevant suggestions while they are shopping. By creating popups triggered by someone adding a particular item to their cart, you can make it known that there are other items of the same kind but in bigger quantities or an upgraded version. You can also make them offers for these items that will be appealing to them since they already showed interest. Appealing to their practical side can go a long way too. Customers don’t know your product as well as you do, so show what will make the items they chose last longer if they use the care products you offer. Or display a combination of products will assure the maximum effect. The power of suggestion is often overlooked, but it always proves to be highly effective and will help you boost your Shopify average order value.

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Free shipping Shopify hack

Cross-sell and upsell popups are already highly effective best practices. However, you can make sure you reach the levels of AOV you want by following a few extra tips and tricks that will not make the checkout process any more difficult. Whenever you have a particular price point you want to reach, just add a free shipping threshold. We all know that customers are more likely to buy an extra item that gets them free shipping, and we all do it most of the time. To make it even more effective, try creating a more personalized version of it in terms of geolocation. For shoppers from different countries, you can create different thresholds depending on their currency, or depending on your agreement with the delivery companies. For example, for UK visitors it can be £70. And for Australia, it would be first of all higher due to customs, and mind the different currency, so you can display it as $150.

4. Supercharge your promotions and sales strategy

Boosting sales can be difficult for every store, no matter how much time it has been operating. Sometimes, the longer your Shopify store is operating, the more difficult it is to attract new customers. That's why during the holidays and the promotional season it is so important to push your best popup forward and try to get the maximum attention and traction. For many reasons, the campaigns you are creating will have the strongest impact if they prove to be effective. And to make them effective, you need to promote your best products and showcase your best offers. That's why with Personizely it is so effective to use the scheduling function that will take care of your popups, and set them off exactly at the right time. Especially if you are planning your promotions ahead of time, and don't want to waste time during the year, introduce the right dates and be sure that when Christmas is just around the corner, your promos will start working like clockwork.

shopify promotional popup

Promotion optimization Shopify hack

It might sound obvious, but you need to make sure that your offers are extra visible not only on your website but in the popups as well. We all know about the visual hierarchy and the complex visual tricks to make things more appealing to the eye, but it doesn’t need to be too complicated. Display your most important information with the biggest font. If you are offering multiple services or perks, list them down, not one after the other. And generally, make sure that everything is clear and there aren’t any confusing sentences. Optimize your copyrighting and don’t overweigh the popups visually, less is always more.

5. Get more feedback with survey popups

Getting better and better is something we all strive for. And your shop is no exception. You'll want to make sure your products are received the way you want them, but you also want to see where you can improve. That’s why using surveys to collect customer reviews is so important. Many Shopify store visitors will be happy to let you know what they love about your product and what they would love to see changed. It will prove to be important in the long run and will help you establish long-relationships with your clients and improve customer loyalty overall. You can ask questions that will be helpful in a variety of areas from the homepage to the checkout page, and setting them up is a very simple process that will end up getting you the most invaluable information.

shopify survey popup

Optimized Surveys Shopify hack

To grow your Shopify conversion, and help your customers to buy more of your amazing products, it's important to understand what exactly works for your visitors. This is where A/B testing is going to be your best friend. You can create as many variations of your popup to understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can plan and adjust your campings in the future. Also, make sure you've prepared your store for mobile versions, and that all the popup content looks good on every screen.

Final words

That's it, here are the simple shopify hacks that helped many conversion rates already. Running an online store is not easy. You want to grow your business and get the best results, but there is no magic formula that will help your store grow magically overnight. And sometimes we find that the average tips may not work for our particular type of product or service. That’s why you need to be sure your products are at the core of your strategy, and the way you communicate with your customers promotes brand loyalty and long-term goals in mind. You can, however, use an app like Personizely that you can find on the shopify App Store. It has everything you need to supercharge your communication, marketing, and content strategy, and will help your store increase Shopify conversion and sales. It's your best bet if you want to increase your average order value, and will continue growing the business you care so much about. Try it out today without any commitment, and see how it works!