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Custom E-Commerce Store Widgets For Higher Conversion Rate

Craft meaningful and engaging pop-ups, bars, callouts, and embedded content in minutes without hiring any developer.

Widget types

Optimize Your E-commerce Sales Conversion Rate with Strategic Widget Selection

Choose the right widgets to meet your e-commerce goals and convert your visitors into new customers.

Popup Widget

Newsletter Popups

Grab your visitors' attention and collect valuable email contacts with engaging newsletter sign-up prompts.

Callout widgets

Callout Widgets

Highlight your special offers with the perfect level of exposure.

Product Recommendations

Personalized Product Recommendations

Deliver customized recommendations that inspire customers to explore and spend more.

Bar Widgets

Announcement Bars

Keep your key messages visible with sitewide display bars.

Embedded widgets

Embedded Widgets

Integrate or hide key messages directly into the design elements of your online store.

Teaser offers

Teaser Offers

Make your visitors curious. Give them a way to change their minds.

Mobile Popups

Provide Perfect User Experience on Any Device

Engage your mobile audience as effectively as your desktop audience. Every widget for your e-commerce website becomes mobile-friendly the moment it's published.

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Maximize your website conversion: Timing is key to effective widget use

9+ triggers to engage customers and increase sales by showing widgets at the right time.



Welcome customers who enter your online store with a timely message.



Engage with your customers on their way to check out.



Trigger widgets manually with JavaScript or other tools.


Add to cart

Show widgets when visitors add an item to the shopping cart.



Engage your customers by displaying widgets when they hover over key elements.



Create interactive experiences that respond to the clicks of your customers.



Display widgets as customers are about to leave your site.



Retain customers by revealing widgets after they've spent time on your site.



Show widgets as your customers scroll through a specific part of your web page.

Forms And Fields

Improve your marketing insights by collecting valuable customer information.

Get all the key insights from your customers with forms and fields widget.


Custom fields

Gather the information that's valuable to your business.

Data sync

Integrate easily collected data into your existing marketing stack.

Hide or pre-fill fields

Increase opt-ins with our smart forms and improve your user experience.

GDPR compliant

Safely collect visitor information with GDPR comliant widgets.

Multi-step widgets

Increase your sales and profits by engaging customers and collecting more lead data

Integrate multistep widgets to get more engagement and valuable lead data with short, engaging forms.


Trigger actions across your marketing stack

Set up automated actions for widget interactions to keep your team informed about incoming leads and inquiries.

Display rules

Create customized offers and contact forms for your customers

Ensure your customers see only the most relevant offers and forms.



Place widgets on specific pages to increase product relevance and engagement.



Ensure your widgets target the right audience segments for more effective engagement.



Determine how often your visitors see a widget on your online store.



Precisely place widgets on selected subdomains.


Use advanced targeting, from smart links to browsing history, to personalize content and enhance the user experience, boosting sales.


Identify Your Traffic Source

Customize widget displays according to where your traffic comes from.


Subscription Status Targeting

Target your users based on their subscription status in your email marketing system (EMS).


Personalize Based On Cookie Preferences

Use cookies to create a unique and familiar experience for returning customers.


Adapt Your Widgets to Local Climates

Display content that matches the current weather conditions at your customer's location.


Smart Link Tracking (UTM: Urchin Tracking Module)

Use special tracking links to gain insight into your customers' preferences.


Target Your Widgets Using Geolocation

Personalize what people see based on their city or country


Shopping Cart Insights

Show relevant products similar to your customer's shopping cart.


Device Specific Content

Ensure your e-commerce website looks great, whether viewed on a phone, tablet, or computer.


Interaction-Centric Display

Customize what your customers see based on how they interact with your website.


Forms and Survey Data

Use insights from submitted form data to provide a more personalized widget display.


Product-Specific Displays

Show widgets and content that match the products or pages your customers interact with.


Visit And Session History Analysis

Personalize your site by adapting your customers’ previous site interactions and items viewed.

Data Sync

Integrate all your go-to tools in one place

Integrate Personizely with your email marketing system to ensure steady leads and valuable data for your e-commerce strategy.

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A/B testing and analytics

Make decisions by A/B testing your best widgets

A/B testing refines your widget strategy by experimenting with different elements and using analytics to make decisions and tailor offers more effectively.

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Website Widgets

Give your e-commerce site a boost with Widgets

Transform your e-commerce site into a dynamic customer experience with Personizely's versatile website widgets.

Discover the many advantages that Personizely can bring you. Creating widgets for your website will become one of your easiest tasks. From the basics sign-ups, to widgets like 2-step surveys, everything you need is a couple of clicks away. It's a great way to increase user engagement and make your website your most effective marketing tool. Help your visitors discover products with cool widgets, and make it easy for them to spend more. Every web page of your e-commerce website has potential, and widgets are one of the best ways to uncover it. If you ever used a website builder, then you already know how to use Personizely, no HTML code experience required, easier than copy and paste. Integrate your preferred email service for the ultimate experience across all of your marketing tools. Every page of your website has potential, and widgets are one of the best ways to uncover it. Easily add value and functionality with widgets and plugins, so your e-commerce business can benefit in full.


Customer Stories

Average customer rating

A truly beautiful product, with great UX

I’ve been looking for a tool like Personizely for over a year. It’s the only tool in the space that took the time to build a truly beautiful product, with great UX. And they thought about their customers’ customer as well with widgets being as customisable as possible. Love it!

Miruna Dragomir.jpeg
Planable logo.png
Miruna Dragomir

CMO at Planable

You need a tool like this, that's a fact

Personizely combines the features of website personalization and widgets. This means that you can use the powerful conditioning of the website personalization tools to really target your popups and widgets. As a digital marketer, you need a tool like this, that's a fact.

Andrej Reljič

Digital Marketing Specialist at

Support is top notch

Website Personalization is the future of lead generation and Personizely helps you do it with ease! I've used a few tools to help me get this done, but none as good as this when it comes to features and ease of use. On top of that, the support is TOP NOTCH.

Chris Kyriacou

Founder of EAanalytics

Totally recommend it to any marketer serious about growth

We used Personizely for exit intent pop ups and saw results immediately. Sergiu and his team were very helpful and the platform has some incredible capabilities. Totally recommend it to any marketer serious about growth.

Hamzah Malik

Founder of Regent Branding

The most effective marketing tool

Personizely is the only app we see the results right away. Cost effective, easy to learn with great UX with the best possible support team! Once you set widgets it sets you free and allows you to focus on other important things. Most importantly, it brings growth of sales immediately.

Kim Haelan

Co-Founder at KNOK STORE

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